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This is where Spivak Jewelers really shines!!! We know how exciting, yet stressful this purchase can be. Lets face it, this isn’t something people buy everyday, so aside from what you read online and the information your best friend who just got engaged gave you, it tends to be a blind purchase…

Our #1 goal is to take a typically stressful purchase and turn it into a enjoyable process that is filled with happiness…Remember, making that special someone yours forever should be an experience you never want to forget…so let us help you make the start of it stress free, memorable and enjoyable.

We typically tell people if you come in and can’t find anything you like, you’re not ready to get engaged!! That’s how confident we are in our selection!! A lot of people advertise that they have the biggest selection around, well that’s great..but we have the RIGHT selection. ALL of our rings are timeless pieces and gorgeous in their own way!

Our goal isn’t to sell you the most expensive ring….but to build you the most ring for you money. Whether your budget is big or small, we guarantee that we will guide you to pick out a ring that will leave all of your friends speechless….

We encourage you to stop in and sit down with one of our diamond specialists in our relaxing showroom so we can not only teach you about diamonds, but show you. It’s one thing to learn about what your buying…its a completely different thing to see it in person and truly find what’s best for you…We love an educated consumer!!!

Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Wedding bands… we do it all!!!

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