Gary Spivak Designs

South Jersey’s Most Trusted Jeweler

If you’re looking for something TRULY one of a kind, take the time to meet with our custom designer and master jeweler, Gary Spivak. By doing so, you skip the additional dollars that you would normally spend on the middleman who is hired to finish your piece! Gary is truly your jewelers jeweler, from the beginning stages to the final touches. Not only is he an incredible master jeweler, but Gary is an astounding artist with skills unlike any other. Watch as he takes a mere idea and sketches a masterpiece in front of your very eyes. From the sketch, to the finish of the piece, each and every custom design is perfected to the very last detail. Whether you’re looking to transform an outdated piece of jewelry into a fashion piece, or you’re looking to create a unique engagement ring for the one of a kind woman you love, no one can outshine a Gary Spivak design.

We’d love to show you this, as well as our other beautiful collections. Please click the link below to request an appointment.

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