110% Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Spivak Jewelers is unique compared to all other jewelry stores, we do not require you to double your purchase to get your money back; you only pay the difference of your upgrade. Trade your $3,000 Spivak Jewelers diamond against a purchase of $3,200 and only pay the $200 difference. Here’s where it gets GREAT, simply keep your diamond purchased from Spivak Jewelers for one year and receive 10 percent more towards your upgrade!!! We are so confident in the product that we sell that we are willing to guarantee you an appreciation!! That means that the $3000 diamond is now worth $3300. We are VERY proud of our trade in policy.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Our customers comfort is our number one goal. Conflict diamonds, otherwise known as “blood diamonds,” are sold to fund rebel movements in Africa and make up less than 1% of the world’s diamond inventory. Since May of 2000, a system known as the “Kimberly Process” was enacted to provide proof to our vendors and suppliers that these diamonds cannot and do not enter the United States under any circumstances. Spivak Jewelers adheres to the highest standards in the industry and expects the same from its vendors and suppliers. We only do business with vendors and suppliers who comply with the Kimberley Process, the Voluntary System of Warranties, and United Nations resolutions pertaining to conflict diamonds. We will never purchase or trade with any dealer that does not provide proof that they adhere to the Kimberley Process.

We stand by our product

Service and Quality are what we consider the two most important things. We aren’t here to sell you a piece of jewelry and never see you again, we look to build a long lasting relationship full of trust and happiness. We consider each and every one of our clients to be walking floor models for us, thats why we take that extra mile on each and every piece we touch, no matter if its a piece we sell or a piece we are fixing for you. We aren’t just in the jewelry business, we are in the customer service business.

Diamonds Direct

Besides customer service, we at Spivak Jewelers pride ourselves on price and the ability to acquire pieces that others can’t. Spivak Jewelers is the direct source for all of your jewelry needs, from start to finish. By doing business with us, you are cutting out the middle man. The only way you could get more direct would be if you decided to go to a mine and dig for your own diamond

….We are members of the diamond club, and our family is directly involved with diamonds coming directly from the source. We specialize in GIA certified diamonds. Gary Spivak is truly Your Jewelers Jeweler.

Family Owned Business

Our family has been in the jewelry business for decades. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a luxury buying experience, no matter what their price point or budget is. By shopping at a family owned and operated store that has no middle man, you are truly getting the best price possible on the best possible items for your money. We look to make each customer feel as they are part of our family and hope to have them grow with us for generations and become a part of your family as well.

Giving Back

Over the years we have grown a large following in the South Jersey community that trusts and patronizes our business. So naturally we would like to do anything possible to repay the community for the years of support and dedication they have given us. Our success would not be possible with out our friends and customers. To show our appreciation we give back to many local charities and do our part to make a difference in anyway that we can.

We Stand By Our Service

We are known to provide a worry-free jewelry shopping experience – allow us the opportunity to show you why.


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