A family owned and operated business located in the heart of South Jersey…Cherry Hill. We specialize in GIA certified loose diamonds and engagement rings, offering the right selection to help you acquire that perfect ring. We are a full service jewelry store from start to finish. All of our diamond inventory is owned by us, which gives us the opportunity to have strong buying power to offer our clients unbeatable prices. Besides our engagement rings, we supply the tri-state area with diamond earrings, diamond studs, mens jewelry, fashion jewelry, colored stones, bracelets, silver jewelry and watches. Beyond that, we offer watch and jewelry repairs performed by our master jeweler with decades of experience and knowledge. By request each piece of jewelry we sell features a written appraisal performed by our professional Graduate Gemologist.

We strive to give you a luxury buying experience through our professional sales team. We are known for our relaxed comfortable atmosphere… let us introduce you to a new buying experience!!

Gary Spivak

“Gary Spivak Design”
Awarding Winning Master Jeweler, Award Winning Designer, Member of IWJG, Member of the Diamond Club

Gary Spivak moved from Russia at the age of 17 to the United States with a strong passion for the arts. At a young age he always had a keen eye for unique artwork and took notice that he had the ability to put his thoughts onto paper. After moving to Philadelphia, Gary attended the art institute of Philadelphia for art and design. As his passion grew so did his hunger to succeed in life as he got married and had a child on the way. The life of a starving artist was not the life he wanted to put his family through. Until he then realized he could take his artistic imagination and apply it to the jewelry industry that would lead him to a passion that could support his family. So thats exactly what Gary did, he took an internship (that he had to pay for) with a very well known jeweler on Jewelers Row in Center City, Philadelphia. This was to teach him to be a bench jeweler. Now, fast forward 35 years Gary took his craft to a whole new level of not only fixing jewelry but winning multiple national and state jewelry design competitions. He was hired by a local mom and pop jewelry store but what he did for them was much more than they bargained for. Being a master jeweler at the bench was just one of his talents, he quickly became the top consultant, diamond buyer, merchandise buyer and customers LOVED his unique european charm. With his art background he naturally always had a keen eye for upcoming trends and styles. This greatly helped Gary Spivak build a devoted following that relies on him to keep them up to date on todays styles no matter how large or small their budget is. He quickly became the MUST SEE jeweler for all of your needs…. A true one stop shop…

Josh Spivak

GIA Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Jewelry Professional

At the young age of 6 years old, Josh began attending industry shows with his father, Gary Spivak. Together they traveled all over the world to visit industry and buying shows. While spending time with his father, he was unintentionally learning great amounts of knowledge without ever noticing it. Since he was around it from such a young age, he picked up things that most people took years or even decades to learn. Jewelry became his second nature! As Josh approached his high school graduation, it became time to pick a career path. He was undecided about going into the jewelry field, but he knew that he shouldn’t let his background knowledge go to waste. He decided to try working at a local family jewelry store that his father had managed for 24 years. At the age of 17 and only making minimum wage, Josh was very hungry and ambitious to see how far he could push himself, considering he had some very big shoes to fill. He quickly became known as “Josh the Jeweler” and grew his own following of customers that would not only trust him, but rely on him for all aspects of the business, from watch repairs to gold buying to helping them pick out the perfect engagement ring. This was not enough for Josh. He applied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Manhattan, New York, which is the foremost authority in gemology. He graduated in the top of his class with the following: Graduate Colored Stones, Certified Diamonds, Accredited Jewelry Professional, Pearl Specialist and a Jewelry Design Diploma. This all led him to his greatest accomplishment of becoming a GIA Certified Graduate Gemologist. After that he took his knowledge back to the store his father was running and applied that knowledge to become the go-to guy for any question, no matter what aspect of the business. His specialty became bridal and overall, making people happy. Once again, Josh wanted more. He asked himself how he could take his fathers already impressive craft to the next level? He then went to Iowa to get certified with Matrix, which is a 3D design software using CAD. This would allow Gary to hand draw a piece of jewelry with a pencil which Josh could recreate in 3D on the computer to show the client exactly what they are getting before its done. To master his craft, Josh pushed to get an internship back in New York with the leading bridal brand Verragio. He spent almost 2 years at Verragio, not only learning to better his abilities with CAD, but learning parts of the business that people would never dream of. Giving him the tools needed to be the best of the best….

Chelsie Barnes

GIA Diamond graduate, Accredited Jewelry Professional

Chelsie also started her passion for jewelry at a young age. She started working at a jewelry store while taking classes for a college degree in teaching. While working in that store she quickly grew interest in all aspects of the business. Chelsie then decided to make the big change and pursue a career in her new found interest. Customer service is where Chelsie excelled…she quickly grew a following of people that loved working with her. This brought her happiness and she decided that it was time to grow her knowledge. Chelsie took a mentor and made it her goal to learn all aspects of the business from changing a watch battery to helping someone choose that perfect diamond!! She is a natural at what she does and her knowledge is unsurpassed. Chelsie currently is a GIA diamond specialist and is on her way to finishing her colored stones course to become a graduate gemologist.

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