Jewelry shopping is often thought of as a dreadful process. You can spend countless hours looking at thousands of things that you know nothing about, putting your trust in the hands of one of those salespeople, wearing a suit and tie, trying to get you to buy the most expensive item they have so you can pay their rent that month.


You can meet with our team of consultants, dedicated to making the jewelry buying experience enjoyable, memorable and EASY again. Our store is more than salespeople fighting for commission, we are a family with a passion for beautiful jewelry and building long lasting relationships. We don’t look at our clients as paychecks, we look at them as a part of our family, who deserve the very best that they can get for the money they are comfortable to spend. With a master jeweler on staff, as well as GIA trained specialists, we ensure that you’re confident that you know everything that there is to know about what you’re purchasing at the very best price you can find. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, custom design, a timepiece or a watch battery, our specialists are standing by to provide the best service and education that you can find. Can’t make it to our store? We are available through skype, facetime or by phone to answer all and any questions you may have for us. There’s a reason why we say we provide worry-free jewelry consultation. Our mission is to take customer service to a new level, and to make every client feel like they have the exclusive jewelry buying experience. Jewelry is meant to signify something special, so we feel that it is only suitable that your experience with us is something you want to share when explaining to your friends and family what that piece signifies.

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We are known to provide a worry-free jewelry shopping experience – allow us the opportunity to show you why.


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